Welcome to the 818 Challenge!

Congratulations On Your Wise Decision To Take The 8:18 Kingdom Wealth Challenge. I Want To Personally Welcome And Encourage You To Come Into This Experience With Great Hope

And Expectancy For What Is About To Happen To You, In You, And For You Over These Next Five


For Six Years Now, I’ve Had The Privilege Of Sharing The Revelation Of The Kingdom, Specifically

Principles And Strategies For Creating And Multiplying Kingdom Wealth With Tens Of Thousands

Of People In Over 98 Countries. I’ve Personally Seen The Joy People Experience Once They Finally Get Free From The Religious Thinking, Poverty Mindsets, And Financial Lies That Have Kept Them Stuck Living Far Below God’s Best.

And Now It’s Your Turn...This Is Your Time To Get Free!

In Matthew 3:2, Jesus Says, “Repent For The Kingdom Of God Is At Hand.” Contrary To What Many Believe, Jesus Didn’t Come To Start A Religion. He Came To End Religion Forever And To Re-Establish The Kingdom Of God. That’s The Good News, That Your And My Ability To Access The Kingdom Of God Is Back!

You See, Adam Didn't Lose Religion When He Disobeyed God In The Garden...He Lost His God-Given Authority To Rule And Reign Over The Earth. So Jesus Had To Come Back As The Second And Final Adam To Re-Establish Our Ability To Rule, Reign, And Have Dominion Once Again Over The Earth As Was Decreed And Established By God In Genesis 1.

Get Ready To Discover The Real Purpose Of Your Life And How Your Ability To Be Found Faithful

With Money Is An Essential Part Of How God Prepares You To Be Trusted With True Riches And

Kingdom Influence.

Get Ready To Hear Things You’ve Never Heard Before...

Get Ready To See Things You’ve Never Seen Before...

So You Can Become Someone You’ve Never Been Before.

See You Live Monday, May 6th At 9 Am PT / Noon ET For Day 1.

Join Pedro beginning June 3rd at 9 AM PT | 12 PM EST to dive into going beyond tithing and getting serious about tapping into the promises of God over your life and gaining a healthy, biblically-sound understanding of how to approach and manage wealth as a kingdom-minded person.

To join us in this exciting challenge, you can register here: http://818challenge.com.

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