What's Included in VIP:

Your 818 VIP includes the following:

  1. 1:1 SUPPORT FROM A CHALLENGE SUCCESS COACH DAILY: Your personal success coach, is a real individual (not a robot), will assist you through your challenge experience by:

    • Answering any questions throughout the challenge with one-on-one support

    • Cheering you on and helping you stick with the challenge all the way through​

  2. 1:1 NO-OBLIGATION FINANCIAL COACHING APPOINTMENT BY ZOOM: You don’t have to wait until the challenge starts to begin your journey of creating Kingdom Wealth. By joining VIP, you can schedule an appointment first with a Kingdom Wealth Specialist to review your current financial situation. They will help advise you on how to prepare and apply the Kingdom Wealth Formula that you will learn in the 8:18 Kingdom Wealth Challenge.

  3. KINGDOM SEEKER APP 30-DAYS FREE TRIAL: Join thousands of other Kingdom-Minded People From Around The World Daily For Kingdom Training, Prophetic Equipping, Celebration, Coaching and So Much More!

    - Get a FREE 30-day trial starting on June 11th, after the 8:18 Kingdom Wealth Challenge. It will renew at $31 per month until cancelled once the trial ends.

  4. BE IN THE ROOM AND GET PRIORITY TO ASKING PEDRO QUESTIONS: You’ll be in the same Zoom room with Pedro Adao, increasing your chances to be coached live directly by him (coaching that normally consulting clients pays $25,000+ for). The 8:18 Challenge VIP Access will also allow you to compete for special prizes!​

Sign up for the 8:18 VIP Experience here: https://www.818challenge.com/kingdom-seekers-trial-checkout

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