Kingdom Seekers 30 Day Trial

As part of our $8.18 VIP, you get 30 Days Free Trial to Kingdom Seekers:

Kingdom Seekers is a community of people who daily prioritize the Kingdom and pursue wisdom so we can prosper like never before!


How do I login to Kingdom Seekers?

How can I access Kingdom Seekers?

  • Access Kingdom Seekers daily content, community, "One Thing" tracking, and resources through the Kingdom Seekers app or desktop platforms.
  • You will also access Kingdom Seekers Momentum Calls through Zoom (Mon-Sat @ 9 AM PT).

Download your Kingdom Seekers Android app in the Google Play Store HERE or your Apple App Store HERE. Access the desktop version HERE at

When does Kingdom Seekers start?

  • Kingdom Seekers starts as soon as you join us at!
  • This community was launched in February 2023 and we have been growing as a family seeking the kingdom since then! Join us today to begin growing in wisdom together on the Momentum Calls (Mon-Sat @ 9 AM PT) and to receive access to the Kingdom Seekers app where you will receive a Daily Dose, Daily Wisdom, and replays from previous Momentum Calls, Daily Doses, and Daily Wisdoms.


What is included with my Kingdom Seekers membership?

  • Here is what you get in Kingdom Seekers! There are DAILY, WEEKLY, & MONTHLY opportunities to grow in wisdom so you can prosper.
    • Daily Dose of Wisdom Videos: Every day receive a 10-minute video of Kingdom Revelation and Wisdom from Proverbs  ($995 Value)
    • Monday: Momentum Call with Pedro Adao ($995 Value)
    • ​Tuesday: Momentum Call With Holli Peel ($995 Value)
    • ​Wednesday: Kingdom Training with Michael Dalton ($995 Value)
    • Thursday: Momentum Call With Holli Peel ($995 Value)
    • ​Friday: Prophetic Training with Keith Ferrante ($995 Value)
    • Saturday: Momentum Call With Pedro or Holli ($995 Value)
    • Monthly Group Inner Healing Call with Elise Tarango ($995 Value)
    • ​Access to the Kingdom Seekers™ App & Private Community (priceless)
    • Access to the 2024 31-Day Wisdom Challenge Recordings ($995 Value)
  • Special Annual Membership Bonuses include:
    • ​Access to NEXTgen for grandkids or children between 9-18 ($995 Value)
    • Access to the Kingdom Wealth Workshop replays($4995 Value)

How long do I have access to Kingdom Seekers?

  • You have access to Kingdom Seekers for your 30 Days of Trial. Once your trial ends, you will have the opportunity to continue on a monthly or annual basis.

Where can I watch the replays for Kingdom Seekers?

  • Replays for Kingdom Seekers Momentum Calls, as well as the Daily Doses and Daily Wisdoms, can be found in the Replay tab.

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